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Breaded-Crusted Dim Sum
Empanadas - Tortillas Fillo - Phyllo
Puff Pastry-Wellington Skewers-Bacon Wrapped
frozen party appetizers

Frozen Party Appetizers | Best Frozen Appetizers

Big Chef is a health conscious food company producing Big Taste in Bite Sizes. Big Chef's frozen party appetizers are a sensorial experience. A fusion of aromas, colors, tastes, textures and presentation that delight the palate.

Our pre-prepared gourmet frozen party appetizers make it easy for you to sit back, relax and enjoy. Shop Big Chef's best frozen appetizers by type including breaded appetizers, dim sum appetizers, empanadas & tortillas, puff pastry & wellington, skewers and more. Do not be fooled by the word frozen, Big Chef’s accomplished Chefs have created each frozen party appetizer to taste fresh and full of flavor upon removal from your oven. Our frozen appetizer product line is shipped overnight continental US and most are ready in 10-15 minutes!

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beef empanada Beef Empanada Chicken Empanada Vegetable Empanada
Caprese Empanada Caprese Empanada Spinach Empanada Spinach Cheese Empanada
Ham Cheese Empanada Cheese Plantains Empanada 3 Cheese Empanada Cheese Burekas
3 Cheese Empanada Guava Cheese Empanada Chicken Southwestern Empanada Beef Southwestern Empanada
Papa Rellenas Chicken Cordon Blue Puff Salmon Wellington Appetizer Hearts of Palm Rissole
Goat Cheese Peppers Purse Reuben Puff Boursin Cheese Puff Gouda Cheese Walnuts Puff
Reuben puff - Social Size
Our Price: $35.80
Beef Wellington Appetizer chicken wellington appetizer Shrimp wellington appetizer Vegetable Wellington Appetizer
Mushroom Wellington Appetizer Portabella Mushroom Puff Chicken Santa Fe Purse Manchego cheese purse
Cheddar Cheese Puff Franks in a Blanket Appetizer Potato Knish Appetizer Eggplant Puff
Chorizo Puff Parmesan Cheese Stick Appetizer potato pancakes latkes Appetizer Lobster Wellington Appetizer
Spinach Fillo Appetizer Goat Cheese Red Pepper Triangle Appetizer Portabella Mushroom Goat Cheese Triangle Appetizer Feta Cheese Leek Fillo Appetizer
Brie Pear Fillo Purse Appetizer Shrimp Fillo Purse Feta Sundried Tomato Appetizer Dates Stuffed Chorizo Appetizer
Vegetable or Chicken Samosa Appetizer Rumaki Appetizer Shrimp Spring Roll Appetizer Vegetable Egg Roll Appetizer
Rumaki - Social size
Our Price: $31.00
Water Chestnut Bacon Appetizer Scallops Bacon Appetizer Meatballs Appetizer Chicken croquette Appetizer
Meatballs - Social size
Our Price: $28.86
Cod Fish Croquette Appetizer Cheese Bread Appetizer Chicken Sesame Appetizer Chicken Macadamia Appetizer
Chicken Pecan Appetizer Artichoke Hearts Parmesan Cheese Appetizer Vegetable Spring Roll Appetizer Chicken Spring Roll Appetizer
Black Bean Spring Roll Appetizer Mushroom Stuffed "special" Crabmeat Appetizer Mushroom Stuffed Boursin Appetizer Mushroom Stuffed Sausage Appetizer
Shrimp Shao Mai Appetizer Broccoli Calzone Appetizer Chorizo Calzone Appetizer Wild Mushroom Calzone Appetizer
Conch Fritters Appetizer Cozy Shrimp Appetizer Crab Rangoon Appetizer Duck Wonton Appetizer
Duck wonton - Social size
Our Price: $33.64
Crab Wonton Appetizer Duck Vegetable Spring Roll Appetizer Chicken Smoked Burrito Appetizer Chimichanga Beef or Chicken Appetizer
Crab wonton - Social size
Our Price: $31.98
Fajitas Beef or Chicken Appetizer Beef Bean Burrito Appetizer mini quiche appetizers, goat cheese and corn Seafood Quiche Appetizer
Bacon Leek Quiche Appetizer Brie Raspberry Purse Appetizer Kalamata Feta Artichoke Quiche Appetizer Lorraine Quiche Appetizer
Broccoli Quiche Appetizer Mini spinach quiche Mushroom Quiche Appetizer Chicken Dumpling Appetizer
Vegetable Dumpling Appetizer Crab Real Cake Appetizer Ham Croquette Appetizer Chicken Fingers Appetizer
Cheese Mini Pizza Appetizer Cheese Mini Pizza Deep Appetizer Sausage Cheese Mini Pizza Appetizer Ravioli Cheese Breaded Appetizer
Apricot Fennel Fillo Roll Appetizer Apricot Gruyere Cheese Purse Appetizer Chicken Smoked or Shrimp Quesadilla Vegetable Quesadilla Appetizer
Shrimp Macadamia Appetizer Beef Mushroom Triangle Appetizer Shrimp Dumpling Appetizer Grouper Macadamia Appetizer
Goat Cheese Spinach Mini Pizza Appetizer Turkey Cranberry Fillo Roll Appetizer Pumpkin Raisin Empanada Sweet Potato Marshmallow Puff Appetizer
Mushroom Stuffed Florentine Appetizer Guava Mint Crown Appetizer Pomegranate Eggplant Pecan Crown Appetizer Duck Orange Crown Appetizer
Goat Cheese Caramelize Onion Almond Appetizer Apple Brie Raisin Roll Appetizer Chorizo Manchego Cheese Empanada Beef Blue Cheese Appetizer
Gorgonzola Risotto Croquette Appetizer Beef Scallion Roll Appetizer Lemon Grass Chicken Roll Appetizer chicken chili lime bite appetizers
Artichoke Spinach Star Tart Appetizer Baby Portabella Pizzaiola Appetizer Curry Crab Lollipop Appetizer Assorted Souffle Olive Spinach Eggplant Appetizer
Gyros Pita Appetizer Slider Mini Cheese Burger Appetizer Mini Hot Dog Appetizer Vegetarian Mexican Chili Slider Appetizer
Crab Slider Appetizer Assorted Mini Quiche Chicken Empanada Coconut Curry Chicken Roll Appetizer
Chicken Coconut Appetizer Lobster Coconut Bite Appetizer Shrimp Coconut Appetizer Scallops Coconut Appetizer