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Letter From Big Chef

Our concept is simple: We have passion for food creation and we strive to delight the palate of your customers and guests while saving you time and labor.

To keep up with food trends and per requests of our clients and chefs, we are constantly creating innovative products in authentic styles and out-of-the-ordinary flavors. Our multi cultural staff with a variety of talents and backgrounds is a key ingredient and differentiating factor to our competitive advantage. Our eclectic classic and ethnic gourmet products satisfy the most distinguished palates.

BigChef is a health conscious and socially responsible company concerned with environmental sustainability. Because BigChef is a Lean manufacturer committed as a continuous improvement workplace focused on eliminating waste in all practices and incorporating quality at the core product level our revenues have actually been increasing during this challenging economic time.

We attribute our growth to our willingness to always take one step further, the motivation that our customers and friends unconsciously provide us by believing in our vision and above all to our pledge to provide Quality, Great Taste, Great Service and Value.

We pride ourselves on the obvious: tasty food and outstanding service at a competitive price. It is a pleasure to work with people and extend our relationships beyond day to day work. Everyone from our cleaning crew and talented cooks to our appreciated clients and top-notch suppliers help us build our brand and contribute to our solid foundation.

Rosana & Mano
Managing Partners