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BigChef is a Lean manufacturer committed as a continuous improvement workplace focused on eliminating waste in all practices and incorporating quality at the core product level. USDA and FDA inspected under HACCP food safety program.

Processes, Practices, Procedures and Programs in place:

- HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Food Safety: our HACCP team monitors, validates and verifies safety and quality controls of our delicious freshly prepared frozen food products.

- GMP (Good Manufacturing and Hygiene Practices): our GMPs, the groundwork of BigChef , our team train the staff and monitor all facility operations and employee behavior.

- SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operation Procedures): the foundation of our cleaning and sanitation routine: the purpose, frequency and procedures avoiding food contamination.


- Six Sigma: to improve the quality by minimizing variability, identifying and removing causes of errors in our manufacturing process: define, measure, analyze, improve and control.

- First In First Out inventory system: to ensure food quality and safety.

- Batch Testing: we conduct our in-house testing in addition to the third party lab testing.

- Glass and Brittle Plastic Control Program.

- Allergen Control Program: Our allergen control program was implemented to effectively prevent allergen cross–contamination a threat to food safety.

- Food Security Program: our defense preparedness to avoid the risk of intentional food contamination.

Kaizen events lean Six Sigma implementation and training by PM Perspectives Inc.

BigChef prides itself in providing innovative products and out-of-the-ordinary flavors, great taste and value, but most importantly, it is BigChefs commitment to quality and food safety.

After all, we strive to delight the palate of your customers and guests!