About Us

BIG CHEF® is a South Florida. health conscious. food company. known for quality and customization since 1999. Our delectable items, Hors D’Oeuvres and Canapés, Prepared Meals, Sandwiches, Salads, Hummus & Dips, Sushi, Dim Sum, Desserts, are artisan crafted at our USDA & FDA inspected facility that you are welcome to tour.

Twenty years later, we continue to custom create items saving you time and labor, like an extension of your kitchen.

What make us special…

• Credibility: Consistency-quality product handcrafted in authentic styles and out-of-the ordinary flavors.
• Convenience: Fresh items made to order daily and freshly prepared frozen food, shipped everywhere and/or delivered 7 days to South Florida market.
• Variety: Multicultural Inspiration-continental. contemporary, eclectic and fusion flavors.
• Value Added: Flexibility and customization of recipes to satisfy diets and tastes. We understand special requests.
• Constant improvement: We are always open to suggestions.